Rich Township School District 227

Customer: Rich Township School District 227

Industry: K-12 Public Education

Location: Matteson, Illinois

Size: 3 High School Campuses / 4,500 Students

Rich Township District 227
The Rich Township District 227 is committed to providing diverse and equitable educational opportunities to all students, nurturing academic, social and emotional growth, and ensuring they achieve to their greatest potential.

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Rich Township High School District East AP Art Students

CSC Technology Services – Chicago, Illinois - Education – Rich Township School District 227

Infrastructure Assessment

LAN/WAN Installation

Network Design

Support for New Educational and Administrative Applications Requires Network Upgrade at District 227

During school year 2008-2009, the Rich Township School District 227 began launching 5 major initiatives involving technology integration:

  1. Improve system for collecting student fees
  2. Identify 3rd-party benchmark student assessment tool
  3. Enhance current practices for completing IEPs
  4. Provide students with online courseware selections
  5. Track student tardiness and integrate with PowerSchool

Each of these initiatives rely heavily on a safe, high-speed network connection. The current environment at each school was not equipped to handle the demands of the newly anticipated systems.


Rich Township hired a team of IT companies to assist in the build-out of a new network infrastructure. Revere Consulting served as project manager and provided a preliminary network design while CSC conducted the onsite IT Assessment and performed the network upgrade. Sentinel Technologies was the hardware provider.

The network core at each campus was upgraded to the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Switch Series platform. Instructional and administrative areas were upgraded using the Cisco Catalyst 3560 Switch platform. In addition, Cisco Network Assistant (CNA) was implemented for network monitoring, configuration and troubleshooting.


In December 2008, each of the high school campuses had a newly installed 10-GB backbone with up to 1-GB connectivity in classrooms, computer labs and administrative offices. Users experienced faster access to server-based and web-based applications.