Lake Ridge Schools

Customer: Lake Ridge Schools Corporation

Industry: K-12 Public Education

Location: Gary, Indiana

Size: 4 Campuses / 2100 Users

Lake Ridge Schools Corporation
The Technology Mission of Lake Ridge Schools is to create learning and working environments which are rich with technology that inspires new ideas and possibilities that reach beyond our community.

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CSC Technology – Chicago, Illinois - Customer Highlight - Education - Lake Ridge Schools

Core Switch Upgrade

WLAN Installation

WLAN Site Survey

Upgrades to the Latest 802.11ac Wireless Standard Brings Faster Access to Students and Staff at Lake Ridge Schools

The wireless LAN (WLAN) infrastructure upgrade supports Lake Ridge Schools’ (LRS) ongoing efforts to ensure that everyone that uses technology will be able to do so without interruptions or setbacks – a key goal as set forth in the LRS Technology Plan. By upgrading the WLAN infrastructure, Lake Ridge students and teachers will experience a more reliable and robust network connection, which increases student instructional time while working in digital learning spaces.


The District outlined three key goals for the WLAN upgrade project:

  1. Improve network performance at core, from 100-MB to 1-GB for faster data transfer rates and greater throughput capacity;
  2. Increase coverage to support additional users on the WLAN; and
  3. Migrate the existing 802.11a/g/n wireless environment to the latest Wi-Fi 802.11ac standard.

The foundation of the LRS WLAN is built on the Catalyst Switch and Aironet Wireless platforms – part of Cisco’s Unified Communications and Unified Access Solutions. Each campus received new 2702i Aironet Controllerbased Wireless Access Points (WAP) while three campuses received new Catalyst 3850 Stackable PoE Switches to upgrade the network core.

The new design also reduced the number of WLAN Controllers from 4 to 2. Cisco 5508 WLAN Controllers are configured for redundancy to ensure high availability.


The newly upgraded Lake Ridge Schools WLAN offers:

  1. Connectivity speeds of up to 1.3-Gbps.
  2. Greater coverage.
  3. Increased network performance across the LAN, WAN and WLAN.
  4. Support for new generation mobility devices equipped with the faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi radios.