Personalized Learning – Español

Blended Classrooms Personalize Student Learning in México

In 2008, CSC expanded its U.S. operations to México City to provide edtech software and training. Today, CSC-México offers research-based strategies and resources to personalize the learning experience for second language learners.

We work side-by-side with teachers, from initial launch through implementation, to ensure program success. Fluent in Spanish and English, CSC Educational Consultants coach and mentor private school educators on using blended learning models to adapt instruction, based on the unique learning needs of each student.

Best practices in technology integration combined with in-classroom support, helps educators differentiate instruction and allows students to work at their own pace as they develop skills for success on high-stakes exams – Cambridge, TOEFL and TOEIC.

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Instructional Supports

Blended learning strategies, tools and support for teaching English reading.


Comprehensive test identifies fluency rate, comprehension and vocabulary levels.

Adaptive Instruction

Adaptive technology personalizes instruction based on learner response.

Progress Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of student progress offers actionable data to inform instruction.