Instructional Services

Education Success for All

CSC Instructional Services offers supports for 21st century teaching and learning. We help public and private schools change the trajectory of low-performing students by introducing innovative, proven approaches to addressing gaps in the learning ecosystem:

  • Student supports to improve English language, literacy and mathematics skills.
  • Classroom strategies and supports for teaching ELs and special needs learners.
  • Parent engagement to discuss and explore learning, working and living in today’s world.
  • School-wide review of culture, climate and practices.
  • Professional Development to promote growth and elevate skills.

CSC Consulting Group – Education - Chicago, Illinois - Instructional Services

Engage Our Team of Bilingual Educators to Support Your School

Student Supports

Promotes student engagement and increases academic performance among diverse learners.

Parent Engagement

Demonstrates commitment to improve student- parent-school relations.

School-wide Supports

Offers insights into the overall quality of school life and its role in the community.

Teacher Supports

Expands knowledge, increases effectiveness, enhances competencies and skills.