Chicago Public Schools – Infrastructure Upgrade

Customer: Chicago Public Schools

Industry: K-12 Public Education

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Size: 681 Schools / 400,000+ Students

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Chicago Public Schools
Chicago Public Schools of the Chicago Board of Education is the 3rd largest school district in the United States. Their mission is to ensure that every child is on track to graduate prepared for success in college, work and life.

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CSC Technology Services – Chicago, Illinois - Education – Chicago Public Schools (CPS)

CSC was contracted by Sun Microsystems to perform the following services:

Infrastructure Assessment

Wireless Site Survey

LAN/WAN Installation

Building a 21st Century Infrastructure to Support Online Learning Initiatives and Improve Administrative Practices

In 2006, the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) launched its System Improvement Program to upgrade the infrastructure of local school networks. The goal was to provide the district’s 400,000+ students and approximately 40,000 employees with a robust and safe computing environment for online access to educational and administrative application services.


Premier IT partners including ATT and Sun Microsystems initially engaged CSC as a value-add partner to conduct IT Assessments including Wired and Wireless Site Surveys to capture the current network environment of several hundred elementary and high schools.

Based on assessment data, the team collaborated with CPS IT leadership to implement a standard design for upgrading the schools’ infrastructure. ATT procured the network hardware while various wiring contractors upgraded cabling, Sun Microsystems served as the project manager, two IT companies performed onsite installation and CSC staged, configured and deployed Cisco network hardware.


Spanning a period of over 3 years, nearly 75% of the schools received infrastructure upgrades to support bandwidth speeds of up to 10 Gbps. New wireless networks were deployed to support anytime, anywhere access on CPS campuses. New Cisco routers and switches were installed to improve connectivity and ensure safe access to network and online resources.

  • Administrative staff and teachers gained faster access to critical applications including E-Procurement and IMPACT.
  • Teachers leveraged the new infrastructure to deliver rich and engaging content.
  • Students experienced faster loading of web-based learning sites thus increasing time-on-task while using online instructional tools.