Design customized visualizations, dashboards, and other intelligible data tools, that provide actionable information for organizational stakeholders in order to inform, refine or evaluate strategic plans.

Advise private and public organizational leaders to engage in effective strategic planning and change management processes.

Leverage Data Wise, a data literacy process developed at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, to build sustainable cultures of data usage in schools and school systems and positively impact student achievement.

Enhance business results and continuous growth by providing accessible analytics support to key individuals or teams in early-stage startups and small enterprises.

Guide nonprofit organization or teams through data cycles and planning processes that improve organizational culture, Optimize operations, and achieve stakeholder impact.

CSC – A Trusted MBE/WBE Partner Since 1988

For over 25 years, CSC has developed a reputation for being a trusted partner in the joint delivery of IT projects for Chicago’s local government agencies – Chicago Park District, Chicago Transit Authority, City of Chicago and METRA Commuter Rail System.

As a certified Minority and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE), CSC has worked with prominent primes like ATT, Sentinel Technologies, SimplexGrinnell and Unisys, to support large-scale, complex engagements.

CSC is a certified M/WBE with the City of Chicago, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) with the Chicago Transit Authority and a Female Minority Business (FMB) with the Illinois Department of Central Management Services.

Proud Latina and Woman-Owned Business Since 1988 


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