CSC Julex Level Up Program Title I Services for Non-Public Schools
Program Overview


Our Julex Level Up Program, is a high-quality model that extends personalized learning opportunities to diverse learners who struggle to meet learning standards in Reading and Math. The Julex Level Up Program is designed for:

  • K – 12th Grade Instruction
  • lMTSS and RTI Support
  • English Learners (ELs)
  • Diverse Learners
  • Addressing Gaps in Reading, Math and English Language Acquisition

 Program Highlights

  • 4 Sessions of Weekly Instruction
  • 8:1 Student-Teacher Ratio
  • Blended Learning Approach
  • Student Motivation
  • Parent/Community Supports
  • Monthly Progress Reports

Blended Learning Model

Our job is to help students connect to learning in a way that makes sense to them. We employ a variety of strategies – both field based and industry-proven.

The Julex Level Up Program is based on blended learning grounded in the Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition (SAMR) model, developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura.

Our teacher-directed instruction is complemented by digital learning resources that offer a personalized learning experience for diverse learners.

Assessment and Progress Monitoring

Our Julex team will administer the NWEA MAP Assessment to measure student performance and growth. Beyond the NWEA MAP, the Julex Level Up Program administers its Insight Reading Assessment which is correlated to MAP (.67) and Star Reading (.80); and the Symphony Math Normed Assessment.

In addition, our direct-instruction is supported by online learning activities, which reports real-time data on students’ progress and skills development.

Connection to Regular School-Day Instruction

We believe that what students do in the Julex Level Up Program must be authentic and provide the skills needed to be successful in school and beyond. We:

  • Connect with classroom teachers to target areas for which students need the most support.
  • Provide access to student dashboards for joint monitoring of student progress.
  • Participate in grade-level meetings, where possible, to share information and gain further insight into classroom activities.

Parent Involvement

Our Julex Team ensures parents understand the instructional supports offered by our Title I program and extend opportunities for parents to learn at home with their children. Access to online learning activities are available 24/7 along with take home exercises for continued learning beyond the school day.

Curriculum Resources

CSC strives to ensure the curriculum implemented in the Julex Level Up Program is proven, research-based and designed to support the development of students' skills as required by Common Core State Standards (CCSS). We do this in partnership with award-winning curriculum providers dedicated to the academic advancement of all learners. Our goal is to help students Level Up and achieve success!

 The Julex Level Up Program is powered by CSC Consulting Group (CSC). CSC has proudly served Illinois K-12 learning communities since 1988. We provide innovative programs and services to help schools improve reading, math and English language skils for learners to become college and career ready. CSC approvals by CPS include:

  • Title I Services for Non-Public Schools
  • Multi-Tiered System of Supports
  • EdTech Reading/Math Programs and Services
  • Title III Services for CPS Office of Language and Cultural Education (OLCE)





  • Professional Services
  • Personalized Learning

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